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2009-04-27 09:20:22 by Vincoid

What's up?


Life is full of surprises!

2009-01-24 08:57:34 by Vincoid

It's funny how life, when we least expect it, changes course.

Today my life took such a turn, and though it might sound dramatic, it mostly causes me to animate a lot less, though it'll create more time for animation in the long run.

Currently I'm sitting at home a lot, only working a few hours each day. I'm not studying yet, but I'm saving for doing so. The plan was to audition for next year, starting begin 2010.

However, after talking to my parents and thinking over the whole situation a lot, I've come to the conclusion that it's best to step up the saving part and reduce the animating part for now. I'll be looking for a full time job from now on and hope to find one soon.

This doesn't affect me a whole lot or most of my plans, but it does affect one big project: "Pico: When Chaos Rises". This is the Pico Day 2009 project I've been working on for a few weeks now, which costs a whole lot of my time. I love this project and really want to finish it, but due to this big change I can't.
I won't have the time I need to make this project like I want to. I hope to be able to do it at a later date, maybe next year or the year after that, but not right now.

The sad thing about cancelling this project is that I'm letting down the people who work on it with me. So I want to use this news post to apologize to Tomamoto who worked his ass off even though he already has a hell of a lot of work to do. CoreyHolland for doing an amazing job on the voice acting. Kamran for voice acting too, as well as Chris Guerrero. And lastly Maestro_Rage, whom I was looking forward to to work with.
I'm really sorry guys that I have to cancel the project, but I need to do this. I hope I haven't caused you too much trouble.

As for the Red Bull collab I'm hosting, that won't change a bit. I've still got time to work on that, seeing as it's not a 10-15 minute animation I'm doing. It will probably come out earlier too then I had planned.

Again, sorry guys, I appreciate all you've done for me.


2009-01-02 01:58:22 by Vincoid


This year is going to fucking rock! I'm changing a few things about myself, one of which is stop spending my time on meaningless bullshit and animate more.
I'll be all about animation from now on (ok, not all), so I'll be cranking out more and better animations this year, starting with Pico Day 2009.

4 months from now is Pico Day. I'm currently working on the rough animation, sorting out the timing, getting all the voices, etc. The overall thing will be about 10 minutes long and featuring awesome music by one of the best musicians here on NG. Yeah, I'm not telling who :P

I might post some preview stuff on my blog here or on (which you should all join!) once I'm far enough to show you something concrete.

After that, I'll be working my ass off to get into a good school, which I would then be entering Februari 2010. This means more animation, more drawings and more anatomy studies.

I think a great year is ahead of me and I'm excited to get started!

How about you guys, what do you think you'll have in store for 2009?



2008-10-05 09:17:20 by Vincoid

Currently doing some morphs for TheBoogley's new collab. Check out his page HERE.

This one below is a combination of the two begin drawings I made, turned into my own practice morph.


Meet FroBoy!

2008-05-20 04:05:54 by Vincoid

It's Fro-licious.

FroBoy is a character for an upcoming movie. Should be about 3 to 4 weeks before it's submitted.

Meet FroBoy!

Happy Pico Day!

2008-04-30 04:44:09 by Vincoid

I was planning on doing a movie but it wasn't to be... so I quickly made this thingy.

Happy Pico Day!