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Entry #6


2009-04-27 09:20:22 by Vincoid

What's up?



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2009-04-27 18:29:27

Giant mexican donuts with a gun? Typical...

Vincoid responds:

It's actually a Mexican butthole...

...with a gun.


2009-05-07 04:54:00

What's funny is I've seen this movie. o.O

Vincoid responds:

That's not funny... but the movie is ;)


2009-05-15 10:54:29

Hey vincoid sup? thanks for all the great advice :P

Vincoid responds:

You're welcome man ;)


2009-05-26 04:30:13

this is almost as scaring as the fish which molested me when i was a child

the.... memories..... -shudder

Vincoid responds:

Good times.


2009-06-26 19:24:12

What movie is that? I'd have a feeling i'd love it

Vincoid responds:

Sex Drive. It's freaking hilarious ;P


2009-07-04 04:20:24

I was gonna watch it the other night, but my friends mom doesn't condone movies that glorify obscene acts such as marijuana and sex. I thought it was funny that she still cared.

Vincoid responds:

Wow, she must be living the life :P


2009-07-25 14:41:08

HOLY F! Sex Drive! I thought I was the only one who saw it! Damn, Marsden was freaking awesome in this!

Not to mention the awesome relationship stuff in here. Also

A PUA + A Mexican Butthole + Punk Ass Bro + A Twat Blocker + Two douche = Infinity.

Vincoid responds:

I love that movie man! Must've seen it about 5-8 times now :P


2009-10-06 17:30:07


Vincoid responds:



2009-12-17 01:11:21

Not shit, other than legal problems, school, tired, and now I'm about to go to bed with my future wife.
Life ain't too bad. =]
But enough about me... Et toi?

Vincoid responds:

Future wife eh? Sounds fun :P

I'm doing great too. I've been working my ass off at my new job, have been preparing for my future career as a life coach and have been busy with some girls. So overall I've been doing great. A bit tired too though :P


2010-05-10 12:20:24

Enough chit chat, wheres the Red Bull collab?


2010-07-24 14:49:05

I want to take a bite out of that doughnut guy, is that wrong?

Vincoid responds:

It's only wrong in his lower regions. No teeth down there.


2011-03-06 19:57:14

Thats nice!